Game Rules « NGMafia

Last Update: 20 Dec 2012

To play our game you have to read and accept this rules, else you have to leave this game.

1 » Game play

  1. Discrimination and insults to the other players is strictly forbidden. Please keep a decent language.
  2. Spam is strictly forbidden.

2 » General rules

  1. Every player can have maximum 1 account.
  2. Benefiting from potential errors is strictly prohibited. Please report any errors found in game!

3 » Rules for paid things

When buying coins in the game you agree to these terms.

  1. Irrespective of the amount used to purchase credits, we don't make refunds.

4 » Forum rules

All rules from Game Play are applied in the same way on forum

  1. Please keep a decent language.

5 » Chat Rules

  1. It is strictly forbidden to advertise any kind.

6 » Other Rules

  1. We reserve the right to send newsletters to your email address.